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Sex Therapy

    Eric works with individuals and those in relationships regarding sexuality based or related issues. Talking about sexual difficulties in general can feel awkward (or not) in our personal lives let alone when sex is focused on in therapy.

   Eric's offers a natural way of working on sexual issues Sexuality is often integrated in our lives as when sexuality is negatively impacted on our lives it influences our mood, our energy, our thoughts, and our behavior which can have an impact on our life.

    Eric offers a narrative based, practical, and solution focused way of working with individuals and relationships that support a natural, but intention way of working in your sexuality based issues.

    For more information please connect with Eric directly to receive a free consultation about your concerns and hopes to determine if Eric is a right fit for you. Eric will walk you every step of the way wether you are working with him or finding a sex therapist that works for you. 

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