Palm Trees


Spirit of Aloha

License # MHC663

Living in the Hawai'i Islands for several years. This time spent on the islands gave me the opportunity to experience the spirit, culture, and magic of this amazing land. My appreciation and gratitude for my time living in Hawai'i is great and it is my pleasure to provide support services to those residing within the island chain.

Being a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) in the state. I offer educational opportunities, workshops, and groups at different times of the year. I also offer a unique opportunity to offer services to the entire state of Hawai'i via eTherapy. eTherapy services are offered year round regardless of my physical location. In combination, I offer creative and flexible opportunities to provide face to face services when in state throughout the year. This capability allows me to offer a dynamic experience. Feel free to contact me regarding more information about these unique services. opportunities.