Enjoying the Nature

Individual Therapy

"With Strong Determination you are Bound to be Successful."

When we feel that we have "lost our way" or don't have clarity into the meaning and purpose of our lives. It can be overwhelming and

confusing at times. We can experience lots of different emotions and think of lots of complex things. I offer a clinical and wellness coaching style that supports adolescents and adults achieve their desired outcomes with individualized and creative approaches. I offer a style of therapy that includes inquiry, curiosity, action planning, helpful accountability and overall the exploration of your authentic self. In this manner I 

will help you resolve symptoms you may be experiencing and achieve

a greater sense of well being.

Therapy can be uncomfortable and bring to the surface of your awareness layers of memories, uncertainties, and stress. However, the rewards

to therapy can provide lasting

change that will allow relief, healing, and sustainable growth. I provide services to support you every step of the way.